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Health and safety

Dear customer,
Health and safety of consumers and employees are our priorities and we act in accordance with the directives and recommendations of government authorities.
We’re operative, we receive orders and all shipping activities are resumed, as we normally do.
Considering the ongoing health emergency ,we are doing our best to ensure the more efficient service and we apologize for any inconvenience created.

Our History

Our company was founded in 1974 by Riccardo Lindi (1940-2011) as a family owned company that was in charge of the technical assistance to small traditional laundries. Soon we began performing our services to the industrial laundries, tanneries and packaging.

In 1981 the company was transformed into a general partnership, and technical assistance was accompanied to the sale of machinery and chemicals.

In 1991 we made our first technical service on board a cruise ship in the port of Miami (we were asked to test a new dry cleaning on board of M/V Costa Riviera Costa Cruises fleet).

Soon after they began to consult us for other repairs, maintenance and overhaul of laundry equipment on cruise ships, as ironers, folding machines, washer-extractors, tumble dryers, presses, ironing tables, etc.

Since then, our interventions were more frequent in dock and navigation, and the number of shipping companies who contacted us has increased

Following the more frequent requests for supply of spare parts, we have created good relationships, today well established, with many manufacturers of these machines in the world.

Over 20 years have passed from the first intervention, and although we remained a family owned company, we continue to take care of the technical assistance and supply of spare parts, without loosing our points of force such as Integrity, Reliability, Punctuality, Competence and Competitiveness.